Free Enterprise

America’s system of free enterprise is the engine for our nation’s greatness. Too often, though, burdensome government regulations threaten to strangle a citizen’s entrepreneurial spirit. Business owners have rights that must be protected when governments threaten their livelihoods with excessive licensing schemes or regulations designed solely to protect influential business interests. The attorneys of Gieseler & Gieseler are experienced in handling such cases, and in fighting for their clients’ right to make use of their initiative and ingenuity to earn a living.

Selected Free Enterprise Briefs & Publications:

Entergy Corp. v. EPA, 556 U.S. 208

Bennett v. Walton County, 174 So. 3d 386

Groups Debate Supreme Court’s Power Plant Ruling, New York Times

Judge Orders Update of Federal Species ListAssociated Press

Property Owners Fight With Venice Again on Rental Ban, Sarasota Herald Tribune

Short Term Rentals Turning Into Long Term Problem, WJHG News 7, Panama City