Property Rights

The constitutions of the United States and the State of Florida protect property owners against overreaching by government authorities. When a landowner has been targeted via eminent domain, or his use of his property is being constrained by unreasonable regulations, he has rights that are guaranteed by our founding charters.

Versed in both the practical and theoretical considerations that make up modern property law, the attorneys of Gieseler & Gieseler handle property rights cases at all levels, from challenging eminent domain actions in city halls to fighting for property owners in the United States Supreme Court. Whether seeking a variance from a local government regulation, fighting overzealous code enforcement officials, or standing up to the government in a court of law, Gieseler & Gieseler attorneys are ready to fight for property owners threatened by government action.

Selected Property Rights Briefs & Publications:

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Mongeau v. City of Marlborough, 552 U.S. 1131

Bennett v. Walton County, 174 So. 3d 386 

Kentner v. City of Sanibel, 750 F.3d 1274

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