The attorneys of Gieseler & Gieseler have published dozens of scholarly articles and opinion columns. These writings cover the entirety of Gieseler & Gieseler’s practice areas, and have been cited in forums that include publications of the U.S. Army, the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation, and some of the nation’s most widely-read legal journals and newspapers.


Writing on constitutional topics ranging from property rights to environmental law to the First Amendment, the Gieseler brothers’ approach to the law is deeply rooted in an understanding of academic theory. Their legal writings frequently have been referenced by other constitutional scholars. Steven Gieseler’s 2004 American Diplomacy article, entitled “Debate on the Democratic Peace: A Review,” has been cited in numerous books and academic treatments focusing on international relations, and is employed as teaching material at universities around the world. The Gieselers’ 2010 journal article, “Strict Scrutiny and Eminent Domain After Kelo,” examines the interplay between American political history and the legal treatment of property rights, and is cited by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens in his history of the Court’s decision in Kelo v. City of New London.

Click on the links below to read examples of the Gieseler brothers’ legal scholarship.

Strict Scrutiny and Eminent Domain After Kelo, 25 FLA. ST. U. L. J. LAND USE & ENVTL. L. 191

The Supreme Court and the Judicial Takings Doctrine, ENGAGE, VOL. 10, NO. 3

Measure 37: Paying People for What We Take, 36 ENVTL. LAW 79

Information Cascades and Mass Media Law, 3 FIRST AM. L. REV. 301

On a Viable and Effective Future for the Food Quality Protection Act, 9 ALBANY LAW ENVTL. J. 345

Debate on the Democratic Peace: A Review, AMERICAN DIPLOMACY, VOL. 9, NO. 1


Gieseler & Gieseler attorneys have appeared as opinion columnists on numerous occasions, writing both to explain their own cases and to analyze wider developments in the law. In national publications such as The American Spectator and the Washington Times, and in local papers across the state of Florida, the Gieseler brothers maintain a public presence as a way to further their clients’ interests and to influence public debate on important legal issues.

To read selected examples of the Gieselers’ opinion columns, click on the individual links below.

The Powerful vs. The People, The American Spectator

High Court to Consider Government’s Low Tactics, American Thinker

Environmentalists’ Hysteria Loses, Washington Times

Equal Protection vs. Equal Results, Washington Times

Residents Fought For and Got Their Rights, South Florida Sun-Sentinel